About us

Group Overview

The group’s activity has been launched for more than 32 years, working in the sectors of sanitary materials, construction, ceramics, porcelain, and cement. It then expanded the scope of investment to include many projects such as setting up a furniture manufacturing factory and a cement manufacturing factory, in addition to incorporating a company specialized in unloading cement shiploads with the latest equipment and machinery.

32+Years of Experience
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What Sets Us Apart

Our experience that exceeds 32 years throughout Libyan territory and our passionate, continuous, and consistent work.

Our Mission

To contribute to the development of Libyan commerce and revitalize the Libyan economy by supplying local markets with products bearing the most important global brands.

Our Vision

To make KBM Group for Multiple Investments one of the best local and international companies specializing in various investment sectors, offering high-quality products and services at competitive prices.

Our Companies